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CWICE 101 Evaluation Feedback

Jan 26, 2022, 14:20 PM

In 2020, CWICE launched the CWICE 8-Part Training Series Certificate program. This unique training includes eight modules that explore immigration, settlement and border related issues to consider when planning for services. Participants in the first module, CWICE 101, were asked to complete a survey to evaluate the course and rate their experience. We have compiled the feedback we received into an executive summary, with the highlights noted below.


CWICE 101 training officially launched in September 2020 and by the end of 2021, more than 350 child welfare professionals from across Canada have completed the first module.


♦       97% reported the information provided in the training useful

♦       98% found the training provided a better understanding of the intersection of child welfare and immigration

♦       95% thought the information provided in the training was easy to understand

♦       98% found the trainers to be knowledgeable about the subject


Additional comments:


“The training was incredible, facilitators were both engaging, articulate and demonstrated confidence in their knowledge. I am absolutely excited to continue learning”


“I have a better understanding of the barriers that affect permanency planning, but also the ease of consulting with CWICE”


“The training is excellent and should be a mandatory training for all front line protection workers and supervisors”


“This is a great start to understanding the intersection between CW and Immigration. Looking forward to the next trainings”


“The complexity and intersection of Child welfare and Immigration and the importance of seeking support and services as soon as possible to have issues resolved”


“Excellent training session. I would definitely recommend to staff and colleagues”


CWICE 101 is the first module of eight and it creates a foundation for the series as it introduces immigration terminology, the different types of immigration status a person can have in Canada, accessibility to services, limitations and the impact on service planning. The training briefly reviews Canadian history from an immigration lens, exploring the evolution of immigration policies over time, federal, provincial and regional services. CWICE 101 highlights the importance of early intervention and provides recommended best practices to child welfare professionals.


To learn more about the certificate program, visit our Training page.